We asked 6 founders: “Why is India a great place for startups?”

India, a country with a very rich history, Mahatma Gandhi, the Himalayas, Bollywood, the Taj Mahal, Cricket, different climatic regions, delicious food – just to name a few things that typically come to our minds when we think about India.

These young founders:

– Nick Booker from Indogenius
– Ashmeet Kapoor from Isayorganic
– Tushar Ahluwalia from StalkBuyLove
– Unni Koroth from Foradian
– Mamta Gupta from Zariin
– Kaushik Srinivasan from e-Mudhra

however, explain, that India is also a great place for startups. If not THE best place for startups!

And if that surprises you now and you would like to know why, then please feel free to watch the new WunderNova clip where we have exactly asked this: “Why is India a great place for startups?” And the responses were very insightful varying from the enormous potential and high growth that the country offers to the wide pool of young, passionate and ambitious young talents.

For more details, watch the clip here:

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