WunderNova meets Planet SuperHeroes

Who doesn’t love superheroes and hasn’t seen Captain America, Family Guy, Superman versus Batman? And who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by these characters all day long? That is what Jaineel Aga probably thought when he started Planet SuperHeroes with his co-founders in 2013. A few years later, the Mumbai based Planet SuperHeroes is probably India’s largest E-tailer for authentic Superheroes Merchandise according to Kirti Sharma who writes for IndianWeb 2.

What distinguishes Planet SuperHeroes from others is that they only sell 100% authenticity proof Superhero and Comic Merchandise. And what distinguishes the team from many others is that they bootstrapped the startup for a very long while and paid for the expensive licenses themselves.

Further, what distinguishes Jaineel Aga from other CEOs is that he has proven that he can lift Thor’s hammer. If you want to get more insights into their business and see Jaineel’s strength please watch the clip here:

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