We asked 8 startup founders for advice

WunderNova gets inspired – advice from experienced founders

We have met a lot of startup companies and have asked them several questions. One of it has been: “Which advice would you give an early stage founder?”. The replies were crisp, fresh, helpful and full of entrepreneurial spirit, hunger and fun.

In this context our special thanks go to:

* Unni from Foradian in Bangalore
* Neeharika, Chetan and Soumya from Lifetape, in Bangalore
* Ranjith from Uncanny Vision in Bangalore
* Kaushik from eMudhra in Bangalore
* Ashmeet from Isayorganic in New Delhi
* Tushar from StalkBuyLove in New Delhi
* Neeraj and Shankrith from Recycle Redeems in Mumbai as well as
* Mamta from Zaarin in New Delhi

Your statements on

getting started, stay perseverant, built a prototype, spend money wisely, talk to other founders, network a lot and put skin in the game as well as the acceptance of failure and despite all that to stay focused and to keep on following your dream

are inspirational and surely valuable for other founders to follow.

Thank you very much!

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