WunderNova meets StalkBuyLove

StalkBuyLove is a Delhi based startup that was founded in 2013 by three Rocket Internet alumni Tushar Ahluwalia, Nishrit Srivastva, Aashna Chopra as well as the fashion expert Shikha Ahluwalia.

What we found exciting about StalkBuyLove were primarily three things:

First thing we noticed was that two of the Founders had a German background. Tushar and Shikha both of whom have Indian origins were born and raised in Düsseldorf in Germany and only decided to move back to India after graduation. We felt that this was a very brave and smart move.

Second thing we found exciting was the self-developed ERP technology backing the online women’s fashion brand that caters to young fashion-conscious women. The e-commerce company continues to build on its technology to manage and control the entire production processes in real time.

The last thing we found to be impressive, was the fact that the company has not only managed to get some very good early stage investors in Germany but also in India and has just announced a new investment round including European VC firm LittleRock, 500 Startups and the India-based Singularity Ventures.

Cheers to the young Indo-German team! We look forward to following their exciting journey and if you want to meet the team, watch our interview with Tushar here:

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