WunderNova was born

WunderNova is an international start-up, currently based in Germany and India, that aims to connect founders and startup members from around the world.

It further aims to support founders and startup members by offering a unique platform where other founders, startup members, experts & investors as well, can answer the day-to-day questions raised on WunderNova Ask.

The idea was born in 2015 and WunderNova Ask will finally launch mid of March 2016.

The Indian WunderNova Startup Tour

In the course of the launch, the WunderNova Founder Moritz Warntjen and his dear friend Jocy Fernandez (who also works for a startup in India called webware.io), started their tour across India and visited lots of interesting startups, as well as a start-up incubation center run by NASSCOM, known as the 10,000 Startups initiative.

All interviews are displayed and presented on this blog. Along with it are also some compilations comprising of some amazing insights gained on questions like: “What makes India a great place to become an entrepreneur?” as well as “How do you network and get valuable advise?” and many more invaluable questions that will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks.

We feel very grateful that a lot of Indian startups took the time to meet us.

We also feel enriched by the stories we got to hear, and the different things we learned from companies that are solving problems in India & globally or adding value to consumer’s lives by providing nice, fashionable & economical things to buy.

So we would like to use this opportunity to start our WunderNova tour blog with a big thank you and a loud clap* clap * clap*.

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